Why do we get dark circles?

Discover how our skin produces too much pigment leading to our dark circles ad find out about the treatment we carry out to calm down the cells.

Dark Circles Clinic | London Hyperpigmentation | Manchester | Birmingham | London

How does this treatment differ from other treatments?

Discover how treatments such as laser, fillers and peels can irritate the skin and learn how our clinic treatments can help your dark circles become less obvious.

Dark Circles Clinic | London Hyperpigmentation | Manchester | Birmingham | London

How does the procedure work?

Find out how the procedure works from the initial consultation to looking after your skin once your treatment has finished.

Dark Circles Clinic | London Hyperpigmentation | Manchester | Birmingham | London

What results can I expect to see?

Learn how quickly our specialist treatment works and find out more about how soon you will be able to see results.

Dark Circles Clinic | London Hyperpigmentation | Manchester | Birmingham | London

Will the dark circles come back after treatment?

Watch Dr Vanita Rattan as she explains how you can ensure that the dark circles don’t return after your treatment(s) have finished.

Dark Circles Clinic | London Hyperpigmentation | Manchester | Birmingham | London

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is the Clinic closing down permanently?

    Sadly yes this is correct. By 1st December 2021, the London branch will be closed and the Manchester & Birmingham branches shortly before or after.

    Unfortunately, since March 2020, COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on our face-to-face service treatment model, rendering it almost unviable to manage.

    We are however pleased to able to continue supporting our existing and future customers with their struggle against hyperpigmentation, with our range of self-applied home treatment kits, available from https://www.skincarebydrv.com/

  2. Is there any pain or side-effects with treatment?

    The treatment is relatively painless – you will feel a mild prickly or stinging sensation during the dermarolling procedure.

    In some cases, the eyes may feel slightly sore for 1-3 days post procedure.

    Side effects are rare, limited & temporary but may possibly include: minor redness, dryness, swelling for a few days after treatment and/or with the introduction of new aftercare creams. In rare cases, skin dryness and/or rashes may persist into the medium term.

    In less than 1 in 1000 cases, allergic reactions have been reported, typically resolving within a few days with no lasting effects.

  3. What are the likely post treatment results?

    On average, it takes 1-3 treatments to start to see visible results.

    Results are dependent on 3 factors: 1. How well you adhere to the post-treatment creams plan, 2. How resistant the pigmentation is, and 3. the type/cause of dark circles.

    Results are not guaranteed and approx. 5% of clients may not see any results at all.

  4. How many treatments will I need?

    Many clients are happy after just one treatment as it means they can wear less make-up and be more confident as a result.

    Others require 3 treatments to see a bigger difference.

    We cannot predict how many treatments each individual may need, as this depends on how well the skin responds to treatment and levels of compliance with post-treatment protocols.

  5. What is the treatment procedure?

    SEE WEBPAGE: What is the treatment?

  6. Which parts of the Eye do you treat?

    Most of the visible dark circles area (peri-orbital) can be treated: the under-eye and eye-lids.

    However the edges of the eye-lids and under-eye skin closest to the eyeballs are unlikely to be addressed.

    Pigmentation around the temples and upper cheek bones will not be addressed. That requires a separate treatment (chemical peel) for which information can be found at The Hyperpigmentation Clinic website

  7. What are the restrictions before and after treatment?

    NOT TO DO Before Treatment:

    -No chemical peel treatment or hydroquinone 2 months before treatment

    -No laser other treatments within 1 month

    -No Roaccutane usage 6 months before treatment

    -No heavy UV exposure / tan 2 weeks before treatment

    NOT TO DO After Treatment:

    -Not be exposed to sunlight without a thick layer of sunblock to protect the skin as much as possible.

    -No other chemical peel/laser/other chemical treatments within 3 MONTHS.

    -Not be exposed to excessive heat within 8 weeks i.e. in a steam room, sauna or jacuzzi.


    Please avoid having this treatment during pregnancy and nursing.

  8. Are the results permanent and can the dark circles recur?

    Once achieved, results are likely to be permanent but must be maintained through daily use of sunblock and moisturiser afterwards.

    However, if you do not protect against UV light exposure or incur future skin trauma or inflammation (Eczema etc), then new pigmentation can develop.

*Results vary for every client. DCC cannot guarantee specific or any results. Photos shown are for illustrative purposes only, not a predictor of success in each case