The Only Dark Circles treatment for Asian & Ethnic skins

Dark under eye circles can arise for 2 reasons:

1. Leaky blood vessels allowing iron to deposit under the skin (making it appear darker)

2. Over-active melanocytes deep under the skin producing too much pigment.​

Our treatment addresses both issues:

​by stimulating collagen production which thickens the skin naturally and by calming down the overactive melanocytes.

We specialise in skin of colour, which is more sensitive and requires bespoke treatment.

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Why choose the Dark Circles Clinic?

  • The World’s ONLY Specialist Dark Circles Centre
  • The ONLY treatment designed for ethnic skin world wide
  • Avoids the 'puffiness' of fillers
  • Promotes natural healing processes
  • No downtime after first day
  • Only £990 for 3 sessions
  • All skin types treated​
  • ​We treat 1000s of clients annually
  • 5-star rated on FeeFo I​ndependent Reviews
  • Consult fee goes toward treatment plan

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Comparison of Dark Circles Treatments

Dark Circles Clinic | London Dark Circles Clinic | London

*Dependant on strict compliance with recommended protocols & guidelines provided by the clinic. A very small number of people (< 2 %) may experience temporary mild redness, irritation or inflammation after the treatment and/or the after-cream application, which should subside quickly in a few days.

*Results vary for every client. DCC cannot guarantee specific or any results. Photos shown are for illustrative purposes only, not a predictor of success in each case