What are Dark Circles?

This is the colour difference between the skin around the eyes and the rest of the face
It can lead to an aged and tired appearance which can affect quality of life.

Who is affected?

It affects those predominantly with darker skin, eyes and hair.

Gender and age groups are affected equally.

What are the main causes of Dark Circles?

  • Hyperpigmentation (over-production of melanin)
  • Leaky blood vessels (allow iron to deposit under the eye)
  • Aging (skin becomes thinner and more transparent)

How do we treat Dark circles at our clinic?

  1. We treat the hyperpigmentation by calming down the over-active melanocytes producing too much melanin by using tyrosinase inhibitors
  2. We mop up the excess iron deposits using iron chelators (mask)
  3. Increase collagen production to make the skin less transparent (dermarolling)

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